Historically Supported the Criminalization of Sodomy

  • In 2003, ADF filed two amicus briefs in the Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court case, one of which called “same-sex sodomy … a distinct public health problem.” [Brief in support of respondent, Alliance Defending Freedom, 2/18/032/18/03]
  • ADF called the Lawrence ruling, which struck down laws outlawing sodomy, “devastating” and has used the decision to raise money for its work abroad. [Alliance Defending Freedom, accessed 7/5/15]
  • In 2017, when a BuzzFeed reporter asked ADF President Michael Farris if he thinks same-sex sodomy should be legal, Farris reportedly “paused for several seconds” and simply responded, “It is legal.” The report noted that Farris was “still evasive though on just how he thinks homosexuality should be treated in the US in 2017.” [BuzzFeed, 12/4/17]