Promoted Idea that a “Homosexual Agenda” Threatens Christians

  • In a 2012 blog post, ADF wrote that “the homosexual agenda clashes with religious freedom.” [Alliance Defending Freedom, 10/26/12]
  • ADF founder Alan Sears and his former ADF colleague Craig Osten wrote in their book The Homosexual Agenda that “the homosexual agenda threatens religious freedom, and in particular, evangelism.” They also claimed that “if the homosexual agenda continues to go unchecked,” it will “silence” Christians. In 2012, Sears stood by his claim, explaining that “those who advocate the agenda want to not only stop all disagreement — they want to punish anyone who does. It’s a form of totalitarianism.” Sears and Osten’s book was recommended reading for ADF's Blackstone Legal Fellowship as recently as 2015. [The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today2003; National Catholic Register, 1/18/12; Blackstone Legal Fellowship, 9/1/15]