Supported Russia’s So-Called “Gay Propaganda” Law

  • In 2013, ADF published a nine-page memo supporting Russia’s so-called “gay propaganda” law, which “effectively legalizes discrimination based on sexual orientation.” ADF’s memo claimed the country “has every democratic right to legislate in this area” and suggested that the law would protect “the psychological or physical well-being of minors.” Human Rights Watch wrote in 2014 that the law’s passage coincided with a “ratcheting up of homophobic rhetoric in state media and an increase in homophobic violence around the country.” Similarly, Reuters reported in 2017 that hate crimes against LGBTQ “people in Russia have doubled in five years” following the law’s passage, also noting that the law had been “used to stop gay pride marches and to detain gay rights activists.” [Alliance Defending Freedom, 8/27/13; Human Rights Watch, 12/15/14; Reuters, 11/21/17]