Opposes Transgender People Serving Openly in Military

  • In 2016, Daniel Briggs, who serves as ADF’s legal counsel and director of military affairs, spoke out against the Obama-era policy that first allowed transgender people to serve openly in the military. In a column for The Daily Signal, The Heritage Foundation’s news organization, Briggs argued that the policy threatened religious freedom and that “there is no military justification for this move.” Briggs wrote, “Alliance Defending Freedom is ... standing alongside our service members and working aggressively to defend their freedom to live out their faith while in uniform.” [The Daily Signal, 7/6/16]
  • Alongside the extreme anti-LGBTQ group Family Research Council and Heritage Action for America, ADF worked “on the Hill to convince members to support” an amendment “that would prohibit the Pentagon from using government money to ‘provide medical treatment related to gender transition.’” The American Medical Association passed a resolution in 2008 recognizing “the effectiveness and medical necessity of mental health care, hormone therapy, and gender-affirming surgery as forms of therapeutic treatment.” [Foreign Policy7/25/17; Lambda Legal, accessed 5/14/18]