Spreads Myths about LGBT Parenting

  • On its website, ADF claims that “adults who grew up with LGBT parents” have “one thing in common -- as children they craved the love and presence of their missing mother or father.” However, according to a review of research published in the Medical Journal of Australia, “Children raised in same-sex parented families do as well emotionally, socially and educationally as children raised by heterosexual-couple parents.” Likewise, researchers who completed a review of data from National Health Interview surveys found that “children raised in these [LGB] families have comparable psychological well-being compared with children raised by heterosexual parents." Another study also found that children of same-sex couples “fare better than their peers when it comes to physical health and social well-being.” [Alliance Defending Freedom, accessed 5/16/18The Australian10/23/17Newsweek11/8/17; Metro, 2/14/18]
  • In 2015, ADF filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court case arguing that biological parents are “best suited to provide optimal care for their children,” later citing flawed research by D. Paul Sullins that claims children with same-sex parents have emotional problems. According to The Atlantic, “many, many more studies reached opposite conclusions” to Sullins’ research. Additionally, in a press release about the brief, ADF cited extreme anti-LGBTQ group the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) claiming that studies “find that children with same-sex parents suffer substantially reduced well-being.” ACPeds is a small organization whose name is meant to be confused with the legitimate medical organization the American Academy of Pediatrics that regularly pushes myths about LGBTQ people, including parents. Psychology Today wrote that ACPeds was formed in 2002 because of a few physicians’ belief that “gay parents are bad parents” and that the organization has “ignored key literature and issued a non-peer-reviewed report” on the matter, making it seemingly “the only group of physicians holding this stance.” [Alliance Defending Freedom, 4/7/154/3/15The Atlantic2/19/15Psychology Today5/8/17]
  • On its website, ADF falsely claims that children with a lesbian parent are four times more likely to be raped than are those with straight parents and that children with a gay father are three times more likely to be raped. This claim comes from a flawed study by anti-LGBTQ researcher Mark Regnerus that has been debunked because he misclassified approximately one-third of respondents as having lived with same-sex parents when those children either “never lived with their same-sex parents or lived with them very briefly.” According to The Washington Post, “based on a re-evaluation of the data” used by Regnerus, “there are minimal differences in outcome for children raised by same-sex parents and married opposite-sex parents.” [Alliance Defending Freedom, accessed 4/11/18; NBC News, 4/8/17The Washington Post5/10/15]