Supports Policies Banning Transgender Kids from their Gender Bathroom

  • ADF sent its model “Physical Privacy Policy” to public school districts across the country in August 2017. The policy advocated that transgender students use “restrooms, locker rooms, showers, similar school facilities, and school-related overnight accommodations” that match the “sex as listed on the person’s original birth certificate.” In addition, ADF sent letters to specific school districts and all districts in the state of Minnesota that often included veiled threats of litigation. [Media Matters11/27/17]
  • ADF and its allied attorneys have directly inserted themselves into numerous lawsuits involving schools and school districts across the country, either filing briefs in support of schools that implemented discriminatory policies or suing school districts in order to overturn trans-inclusive restroom policies. [Media Matters4/4/1711/27/17; The Pathway, 3/28/18]
  • ADF lawyers and allied attorneys have testified in or advised during several school board meetings against trans-inclusive policies in states including Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia. [Media Matters4/4/1711/27/17]
  • An analysis by Media Matters found that at least 10 of 28 anti-trans so-called “bathroom bills” introduced or active in 2017 had language resembling ADF’s model anti-trans policy. In one example, the introduced bill -- Arkansas Physical Privacy And Safety Act -- was nearly identical to ADF’s model policy. Montana's ballot Initiative 183, a “proposed 2018 ballot initiative that would force transgender people to use only those restrooms or locker rooms that match their biological sex as listed on their original birth certificate,” also mirrored language from ADF's policy. At least two school district policies also had language mirroring ADF’s. [Media Matters4/4/1711/27/17]