Touts Bathroom Predator Myth

  • An ADF FAQ document on anti-trans bathroom policies pushes the thoroughly debunked bathroom predator myth. The myth holds that sexual predators will exploit nondiscrimination policies allowing transgender people to use the restroom facilities that align with their gender identity in order to sneak into women’s restrooms. The myth has been repeatedly debunked by experts and government officials in more than a dozen states, by school administrators in dozens of school districts and universities, as well as by sexual assault and domestic violence prevention experts. ADF’s document claims that “cases exist where predators have used these harmful policies and ordinances to gain access to their victims when they are at their most vulnerable.” It also claims that trans-inclusive policies violate “the privacy and dignity of women and girls and is especially harmful to women who have experienced sexual abuse and who may experience trauma when forced to be present with a member of the opposite sex.” [Media Matters5/5/16; Alliance Defending Freedom, accessed 4/12/18]