Against Adoption and Foster Care by LGBT People

  • ADF lawyers and allied attorneys worked in Georgia, South Dakota, Texas, Michigan, Mississippi, and Colorado to pass and defend legislation that allows child welfare agencies to discriminate against prospective parents who do not align with their religious beliefs, including LGBTQ people, interfaith couples, single parents, and others. [Media Matters3/2/18; Colorado Times Recorder, 4/25/18; Human Rights Campaign, 6/15/17]
  • In a 2009 case, ADF argued against a West Virginia lesbian couple that sought to adopt a baby they fostered. According to The Nation, “ADF noted that the couple had insisted that the court be ‘forced to treat their home as just as good as any other.’ But, ADF wrote, ‘this cannot be.’” The Nation also reported that “in another parenting case” in 2010, ADF “used the fact that the couple could not marry as an argument against allowing them to adopt,” arguing, “It is logical to prevent children’s exposure to the illicit sexual conduct and revolving-door of adult sexual partners that often accompany cohabitation.” [The Nation11/28/17]
  • ADF’s website says that attacks on “family values” include efforts to “allow those engaging in homosexual behavior to have preference to adopt children and be foster parents.” [Alliance Defending Freedom, accessed 5/30/18]