Disparaged LGBT Community Regarding STDs, including HIV/AIDS

  • In their book The Homosexual Agenda, ADF founder Alan Sears and his former ADF colleague Craig Osten said that the “sexual behavior” of “homosexual activists … carries tremendous public health risks, including the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexuallty transmitted diseases.” The book also pushed a myth from a 2003 Rolling Stone article that “25 percent of all newly-positive HIV positive men had contracted the disease” through “bug chasing, the behavior of homosexual men who deliberately engage in activities that could cause them to contract HIV/AIDS as a ‘badge of honor.’” However, Newsweekreported that the doctor who was quoted making that claim “says that attribution is made-up” and called it “totally false.” He also said, “When the fact checker called me and asked me if I said that, I said no. I said no. This is unbelievable.” Another doctor cited in the Rolling Stone piece who allegedly argued that “bug chasers are seen regularly in the Fenway health system, and the phenomenon is growing,” told Newsweek, “That is entirely a fabrication. That is ridiculous. I said, ‘We have seen a few cases, but we have no idea how common this is. It is not very common.’” The Homosexual Agenda was recommended reading for ADF's Blackstone Legal Fellowship as recently as 2015. [The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today2003Newsweek1/22/03; Blackstone Legal Fellowship, 9/1/15]