Opposes Anti-Bullying Policies

  • In 2012, ADF and anti-LGBTQ group Focus on the Family created an “anti-bullying yardstick” to compare so-called “good” and “bad” anti-bullying policies. According to the tool, good policies do not “single out groups for special protection” based on things including sexual orientation and gender identity but instead prohibit "bullying against all students.” It also says anti-bullying policies should “not use materials or lessons plans from homosexual activist groups,” that a “bad” bullying policy “singles out ‘sexual orientation,’ ‘gender identity,’ etc. for special protection,” and that a "bad" policy “requires tolerance training and similar programs using materials and lesson plans crafted by homosexual activist groups.” ADF’s Matt Sharp commented on the release of the tool, calling LGBTQ-inclusive anti-bullying policies “oppressive” and saying they violate student rights. [Right Wing Watch, 9/5/12; Alliance Defending Freedom, 8/28/128/28/12]