Supports Discredited Practice of Conversion Therapy

  • In 2014, ADF represented “ex-gay” proponent and conversion therapy practitioner Christopher Doyle, who claimed he could help LGBTQ people get rid of “unwanted same-sex attractions.” Doyle is the co-founder of pro-conversion therapy groups National Task Force for Therapy Equality (NTFTE) and Voice of the Voiceless and does work for several other pro-conversion therapy organizations. According to HuffPost, psychotherapist Catherine Chapman reviewed footage of Doyle’s practice and found that he used an “overwhelmingly unprofessional and manipulative demeanor” and “shame and guilt” on a patient, including telling him to “grow a pair of balls.” [The Baltimore Sun5/11/14Media Matters10/10/17,3/9/18]
  • In 2014, an ADF-allied attorney -- whom the group has called “one of the ‘heavy hitters’ among the allied attorneys of Alliance Defending Freedom” -- represented a plaintiff in New Jersey who was challenging the state’s law protecting LGBTQ youth from conversion therapy. [ThinkProgress, 7/31/14Media Matters10/10/17]
  • In 2018, ADF published a legal memorandum opposing a California bill that would classify conversion therapy as fraud, and ADF attorney Matt Sharp appeared in print and local broadcast media to argue against the bill. [Media Matters4/2/18]