Alliance Defending Freedom has expressed support for laws that essentially make it illegal to be gay.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is a powerful legal and advocacy group that raises $50 million a year to push anti-LGBT policies in courts and legislatures across the country and around the world.   ADF opposes LGBT equality and advocates for measures intended to make LGBT people second-class citizens. ADF is trying to legalize discrimination against LGBT people in health care, wedding services, the workplace, and public accommodations. ADF has actively supported measures domestically and abroad that would — and have — put LGBT people in jail for being open about their sexuality.   Most disturbingly, ADF targets transgender kids, leading efforts to deny their existence, prevent them from using the restroom at school, and subject them to conversion therapy and other harmful practices known to increase depression and suicidal ideation. ADF has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


ADF has supported laws that would essentially criminalize homosexuality.

ADF argued in court for the criminalization of homosexuality in a pair of briefs for the U.S. Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas. They have also repeatedly supported anti-sodomy laws in numerous countries.


ADF provided detailed instructions for businesses on how to “legally” discriminate against LGBT people.

ADF has led a multi-faceted campaign to allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT people through religious exemptions. They suggest that business owners who want to discriminate should use religious freedom as an excuse by adding religious duties to routine jobs.


ADF has suggested being LGBT is a choice and a disorder.

An ADF media reference guide suggested referring to sexual orientation as a “sexual preference” or “choice.” The same guide recommended referring to gender identity as a type of “confusion” and calling transgender people “sexually confused.” ADF’s founder Alan Sears called LGBTQ people “intrinsically disordered” in his 2003 book, which was recommended reading for ADF’s Blackstone Legal Fellowship as recently as 2015.


ADF published a handbook that equates LGBT people with those who commit incest and bestiality.

And they provided ADF provided legal guidance to churches and schools on how to avoid getting sued for discrimination against LGBT people.


ADF defended laws that would require transgender Europeans to be sterilized in order to update identification documents.

In the European Court of Human Rights, ADF opposed court ruling overturning the requirement that transgender citizens must be sterilized when seeking to update names and genders on driver licenses.


ADF issued a statement of public support for Russia’s “gay propaganda law” in 2013.

ADF stated, “The law clearly promotes a legitimate aim as defined and enumerated by Article 10 § 2 of the Convention: that of protecting the health and morals of others (in this case children). The protection of morals is deemed to be a legitimate aim, especially when children or minors are targeted by immoral speech.” 

The law has contributed to a climate of anti-LGBT extremism where violence against LGBT people is increasing. LGBT activists in Russia have been arrested, and gay men in Chechnya have been harassed and violently assaulted.


Anti-LGBT extremist Alan Sears was a founder and former CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom.

In his book, The Homosexual Agenda, he argued (p.167) that overturning laws that ban gay marriage and criminalize gay sex would lead to the legalization of pedophilia, incest, and bestiality. Sears has also said the so-called “homosexual agenda” puts “the well-being of millions of children…at risk, along with the rights of parents to protect their children from sexual exploitation” (p.73).


Alliance Defending Freedom has launched a nationwide campaign targeting transgender students.

ADF sentletter and a model policy to school districts nationwide, telling them how to discriminate against transgender students and offering free legal defense upon reviewing the facts to districts that implemented ADF’s model policy.

ADF also promoted a version of this policy as a model bill that places a bounty on transgender students, allowing their classmates to “recover” $2,000 or more from a school for each time they “encounter” a transgender student in the “wrong” facility.


ADF actively works against efforts to protect LGBT youth from the harmful and discredited practice of conversion therapy.

In 2014, ADF represented “ex-gay” proponent and conversion therapy practitioner Christopher Doyle, who claimed he could help LGBT people get rid of “unwanted same-sex attractions.” In 2018, ADF published a legal memorandum opposing a California bill that would classify conversion therapy as fraud.

No Gays Allowed

The Alliance Defending Freedom is waging a war against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people–advocating for laws that put LGBT people in jail, supporting laws that would require the sterilization of transgender people in order to change documents, and spreading lies and misinformation.